Contact director@lckpreschool.com with questions or to schedule a tour.

If you reside within the North Lake School District, your LCK 4K tuition is paid for by the State of Wisconsin.

If you live within another school district with a 4K program, you are eligible to have tuition paid for by the State of Wisconsin through open enrollment. If you choose to open enroll you child into the program, we will gladly help you through the process.

Typical Enrollment Timeline

Mid to End of January: Enrollment forms available
February: Open enrollment begins
March: Open House, submit registration fee and enrollment forms
April: 4K Screening
End of April: Open enrollment ends
May: Meet and Greet (all new families including parents and siblings)
Summer: Social (meet at the park to play)
August: Mailing from the president with class assignment, co-op list, orientation information
Late August: Mandatory parent orientation, co-op job selection
September: School begins