What’s a Co-op?

What is a Cooperative Preschool?

A cooperative preschool is operated by parents and staffed by professional teachers. Parents help the teachers in the classroom as well as make school decisions and policies.

The cooperative school recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children. It encourages mothers and fathers to share their interests and talents in the classroom, committees, or on the Board of Directors. These direct parental efforts and involvement make the cooperative a unique educational opportunity.

What are the Benefits to Children?

  • School is special when a parent is there to share it.
  • Children see the value their parents place on education.
  • School is more easily extended beyond the classroom, leading to a lifelong habit of learning.
  • Children develop an increased sence of pride and self-esteem when they are the helper and get to show off their parent.
  • Children enjoy friendly adults who accept each child in a safe and nurturing environment.

What are the Benefits to Parents?

  • A chance to discover new and hidden talents and contribute your abilities.
  • Participation in all aspects of your child’s education.
  • A voice in school decisions and policy making.
  • Ease of communication with teachers.
  • A network of friends with the same interests and concerns.
  • A chance to observe your child and their peers in a group setting
  • A chance to learn to effectively advocate on behalf of children.